We are now on the eve of the next Federal election. But do our politicians really understand the important economic, social and environmental benefits that fishing and boating brings to Australia?

The objective of iFish, iBoat, and iVote is to make sure our politicians and the broader community understand the role that fishing and boating plays in our everyday lives and the positive economic, social and environmental benefits fishing and boating brings to all Australians.

Changes in government policies over the last few years, along with global economic conditions, have put pressure on Australians' ability to get out on the water to enjoy their fishing and boating. A call is being made to politicians of all parties to demonstrate their support for those who enjoy the fishing and boating lifestyle as part of the Australian way of life.

Have a look at the policy proposals, then talk to your local politician.

Tell them you’re a fisher and a boatie.

ASK them

  • Do you know there are 5 million of us?
  • Do you support recreational fishing and boating?
  • Will you commit to supporting the initiative of I Fish, I Boat and I Vote?

Now is the time to make your voice heard. Join us in the campaign to say iFish, iBoat, and iVote!

See you on the water